Mick Burridge – First UK 300 in a fives team

Binman Albert Kirkham
rolls first english 300

The first BTBA sanctioned 300 game to be rolled in the United Kingdom was actually rolled by American serviceman Sgt Jack Vickers, stationed at U.S.A.F, at Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire on Saturday 22nd May 1965 . The first 300 by an Englishman was on December 5th 1965 bowled by Albert Kirkham.

The first 300 bowling in a fives team came in May 1967 as Window Cleaner Mick Burridge rolled a 300 for Tiny’s Radio Taxis making the team famous in Southend and beyond. It was believed to be the first 300 rolled in a fives team in Europe.

Making the papers

Thanks to Mick’s son Jason we are able to show some of the clippings celebrating Micks fine achievement, the ball presented by AMF and badges earned.