A UK Tenpin Hall of Fame had been long overdue for many years. The UK has seen many amazing bowlers who have won just about everything from World Cups and World Championships to PBA and European titles. But there was never a place to honor these exceptional bowlers until now. in 2013 some of the most influential people in UK bowling were brought together to form the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame.

They included; International bowling writer and former World of Tenpin owner Keith Hale who chaired the committee beofre stepping down in 2015, Secretary of the Tenpin bowling Proprietors Association John Ashbridge, BTBA’s Jo Cundy, Bowltech UK’s Nick Keppe, QubicaAMF’s Darren Lewis, Bowling Vision’s Graham Waller, TV Commentator Cass Edwards, PTBC’s Andy James, Former NST creator and now chairman David Grainger, Former British Open organizer and AMF Humber’s Jock Caie and Talktenpin’s Dominic Gall.