Who were the best Male and Female bowlers in the 2000’s

We continue the issuing of decade ranking lists for bowlers from the different eras with the 2000’s . The rankings from the different eras reflects the development of the Sport in the UK with much greater opportunity given to bowlers from the later eras compared to the earlier ones.

2000 to 2009 UK Rankings

The 2000’s era of of Tenpin Bowling in the UK saw growth falter as the  decade progressed with Chain owners changing and some centres moving away from sport bowling.

The English International players continued to shine and there was sea change in the ages of the emerging players. They were younger and more fearless in international events and trailblazers emerged that lead the all time rankings today. They began to dominate the European bowling tour in both male and female divisions with Paul Moor and Kirsten Penny winning many EBT titles and show the way to others including Dominic Barrett, Stuart Williams, Zara Giles (Glover), Nick Froggatt and many more.

One of the biggest wins is Zara Giles (Glover) takes Singles Gold, Doubles Gold, All Events Gold and Trios Silver in the 2003 World Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Gold Singles  Gold All Events  Silver Doubles – Matt Hann Bronze  Masters all for Dom Barrett in the World Youth Championships, Orlando in 2008.

Mountains of medals won in the Commonwealth Championships for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and too many to list here but can be seen via this link https://uktenpinhalloffame.co.uk/2017/11/27/commonwealth-championships/

Lots of medals also in the European Championships Cup, 2001 Lisa John Gold 2002 Mhairi Shaw (Scotland) Silver, Lisa John Bronze, 2008 Zara Glover Gold, 2009 Kirsten Penny Gold, and in the mens, 2001 Nick Froggatt Gold, 2002 Nick Froggatt Silver, 2006 Dominic Barrett Bronze.

2000 World Youth Championships, Santa Domingo, Dominican Rep  Gold Doubles Lisa john and Zara Glover

2000 European Cup Israel Silver – Rachel Aldersley, Louise Tatylor, Lisa Gardner, Ann Smith, Jan Greenstock, Lynn Walker

2000 European Youth Championships Hoopdorf, Holland. Silver Trios – Matthew Hamilton, Leon Devlin and Matt Giles. Bronze Doubles – Mathew Hamilton and Matt Giles. Gold Team(5) – Donna Adams, Jemma Smith, Fiona Banks, Emma Tooze, Zara Glover, Vicky Hawes, Bronze Masters – Zara Glover

2001 European Championships Aalborg, Denmark – Gold Team(5) Steve Thornton, Nick Frogett, Jon Zadel, Chris Snashell, Scott Allison, Ron Oldfield

2001 European Championships Aalborg, Denmark – Gold Masters Kirsten Penny Gold All Events Kirsten Penny. Gold Doubles Kirsten Penny and Lisa john. Gold Trios Lisa John, Zara Glover, Kirsten Penny. Silver Masters Zara Glover. Bronze All Events Jo Harris(Cundy). Bronze Team(5) Donna Adams, Ann Smith, Lisa John, Zara Glover, Kirsten Penny, Lisa Gardner

2002 World Youth Championships Pattaya, Thailand Gold Doubles –  Donna Adams and Ann Smith, Gold Fours – Ann Smith, Donna Adams, Zara Glover, Lisa john, Bronze All Events – Donna Adams

2002 European Team Cup Germany Bronze – Jo Harries (Cundy), Donna Adams, Lisa John, Nikki Harvey, Zara Glover (Giles), Ann Smith

2002 European Youth Championships, Rome, Italy. Gold Doubles – Stephen Letchford and Ian Allison. Gold All Events – Holly Towersey, Gold Masters – Holly Towersey, Gold Trios – Fiona Banks, Laura Ivory, Jemma Smith, Gold Team(5) – Fiona Banks, Laura Ivory, Holly Towersey, Emma Tooze, Jemma Smith,Hayley Beavis, Silver All Events – Laura Ivory, Silver -Masters Jemma Smith, Silver Doubles – Holly Towersey and Hayley Beavis, Bronze All Events -Fiona Banks, Bronze Masters -Laura Ivory

2003 World Championships, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia Gold Singles Zara Glover, Gold All Events Zara Glover, Gold Double  Zara Glover and Kirsten Penny, Silver Trios Zara Glover, Kirsten Penny and Lisa John.

2004 World Youth Championships Agana, Guam Bronze Fours – Laura Ivory, Holly Towersley, Jo Allsebrook, Jemma Smith

2004 European Team Cup England Gold – Zara Giles, Jo Harries (Cundy), Fiona Banks, Donna Adams, Pauline Buck, Lisa Gardner

2004 European Youth Championships Augsberg, Germany Gold Doubles – Sean Croke and Gareth Stone. Gold Trios – Becki Jolly, Jennifer Billingham, Stephanie Cairns, Silver Trios -Hayley White, Kayleigh Hewitt, Holly Towersey, Silver Team(5) – Hayley White, Kayleigh Hewitt, Holly Towersey, Becki Jolly, Jennifer Billingham, Stephanie Cairns, Bronze All Events – Becki Jolly, Bronze Masters Jenny Billingham

2005 European Youth Championships Antwerp, Holland. Silver Trios – David Jones, David Kendall and Joe Preddy. Gold Trios – Jenny Billingham, Haley White, Becki Jolly, Silver All Events – Becki Jolly, Silver Team(5) – Jennifer Billingham, Faye Elkington, Emily Frost, Becki Jolly, Sarah Overall, Hayley White, Bronze Masters – Becki Jolly, Bronze Trios – Emily Frost, Sarah Overall, Faye Elkington.

2006 World Championships, Pusan, Korea Silver Doubles Daniel Stride and Mike Quarry

2006 European Championships Boblington, Germany – Gold All Events Fiona Banks. Gold Trios Jemma Smith, Katie Jowsey, Fiona Banks
Bronze Doubles Katie Jowsey and Fiona Banks

2006 European Youth Championships, Copenhagen, Denmark. Bronze Masters – David Jones. Gold Doubles – Hayley White and Sarah Overall, Silver All Events – Hayley White

2007 World Championships, Monterrey, Mexico Bronze  Team(5) Fiona Banks, Kirsten Penny, Zara Glover, Jemma Smith, Lisa John and Katie Jowsey

2007 European Championships Vienna, Austria Bronze All Events Darren Cundy. Bronze Masters Mike Quarry. Silver Trios Dom Barrett, Darren Cundy, Mike Quarry

2007 European Youth Championships, Thessaloniki, Greece. Bronze Trios – Matt Miller, Andrew Jones and Matt Chamberlain

2007 Thessaloniki,Greece Gold Doubles – Hayley White and Sarah Overall, Silver All Events – Hayley White

2008 World Championships Bangkok, Thailand Masters Bronze Dom Barrett

2008 World Youth Championships, Orlando, USA Gold Singles – Dom Barrett, Gold All Events – Dom Barrett, Silver Doubles – Matt Hann and Dom Barrett, Bronze  Masters Dom Barrett

2008 European Youth Championships Helsinki, Finland Silver Team(5) – Laura Ellis, Dani Hopcroft, Katrina Maciver, Chesie Johnstone, Kirsty Belchem, Kimberley Hewitt

2009 European Championships Aalborg, Denmark Gold Masters Dom Barrett. Silver All Events Dom Barrett. Bronze Doubles Dom Barrett and Stuart Williams. Bronze Trios Stuart Williams, Dom Barrett, Matt Chamberlain. Bronze Team(5) Stuart Williams, Dom Barrett, Matt Chamberlain, John Wells, Matt Miller, Mike Quarry

2009 European Youth Championships Malmo, Sweden. Gold Doubles – Matthew Blythe and Steven Miller. Bronze Masters – Laura Ellis, Bronze Team(4) – Danni Hopcroft, Katriner Maciver, Laura Ellis, Nikki Beard


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