Who were the best Male and Female bowlers in the 1970’s

Over the coming few weeks we will be issuing ranking lists for bowlers from the different eras. The 1960’s can be viewed here. The rankings from the different eras reflects the development of the Sport in the UK with much greater opportunity given to bowlers from the later eras compared to the earlier ones.

1970 to 1979 UK Rankings

The 70’s era of of Tenpin Bowling in the UK saw a decline in due mostly to centres closing. The boom of the 60’s was well and truly over. People may not have been going leisure bowling as much but a strong League and tournament program saw some fine results from UK players.

The BTBA National Championships continued as did the International Matchplay became a fixture on the calendar. The number of printed bowling magazines declined to local self printed mini magazines but by the end of the decade we saw the start of the fantastic World of Tenpin magazine.

Chris Buck was the first Englishman to play on the American PBA Tour in 1973. ONE PIN stopped him becoming the FIRST englishman to make a PBA TV show in the Fair Lanes Open. Listen to the full 50 minute interview recorded in 1973

1972 was the year Britain won their first European Youth Championships medals as Great Britain’s boys won a memorable Gold in London.

1973 and Bernie Caterer wins the biggest event on the planet when he claims a dramatic victory in the Bowling World Cup in Singapore. Bernie was detained upon his arrival at the Singapore airport because his hair was too long. Singapore officials had previously decided that any male who wore his hair longer than the neckline was suspect. He inched past Canada’s Glen Watson, 643-642, by converting a 6-10 spare in the 10th frame of the final game, and filled the mark with a nine-count.

1973 Dublin, Ireland in the Adult European Championships and Silver in the Team (5) for Paul Scottow, Les Sher, Bernie Caterer, Ralston Reid and Tommy Marshall then another medal and Bronze this time in the Team(8) for Bernie Caterer, Paul Scottow, Dave Staples, Tommy Marshall, Ralston Reid, Eric Butcher and Gerry Bugden, Peter Stoye

1975 saw the UK’s first World Championships Doubles Gold in Tolworth, England for Brian Michael and Bernie Caterer as the team (8) of  Chris Buck, Geoff Buck, Gerry Bugden, Eric Butcher, Bernie Caterer, Cass Edwards, Brian Michael and John Reeves won Bronze.

1977 in Helsinki, Finland It’s a Bronze again in the team Team(8) event for Ralston Reid, Del Delany, Alan Fawcett, Tommy Marshall, Roger Creamer, Phil Jones, Geoff Buck and Gerry Bugden

1979 Manila, Philippines and the UK’s second ever Gold in the World Championships as Gerry Bugden took Masters Gold and Silver to the Team(5) of John Reeves, Gerry Bugden, Thomas Marshall, Jez Darvill, Geoff Buck and Doug McNulty


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