Hall of Fame Database Revisions #1

It has been one week since we finally released our database and in that time we have included a number of revisions and entries.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted information and results

HELP REQUIRED – Whilst the information is reasonably comprehensive we are asking for your help to add or correct information contained. Please check this and the “Results Report” to see what information we have and let us have any information you have either by Facebook (message Dom Gall or David Grainger) or email: gravedanger300@aol.com. Any better pictures or links to specific files can be added.

We have included dates of birth and other information where available in the public domain, if you do not wish us to show this information please inform us to delete the information.

The latest V2 are now included below.

Combined Male and Female Overall Ranking Report

This table lists all players both Male and Female in our database in Performance Ranking Points Order. This includes all results we have for Adult, Senior and Youth events to date but is an ongoing process. Please note we only include Scratch results as this is what we want to measure, so many of the Seniors bowlers results are not reflected in this ranking.

Male Overall Ranking Report

This report lists the Male players in ranking order for all results in our database

Womens Overall Ranking Report

This report lists the Female players in ranking order for all results in our database

Players Detailed Results

The following report contains details of all players contained in our results database. Please refer to our “Events to be Included” document and “Performance Ranking Criteria” document for information on which events are included and progress to date.

A full list of players contained in this database can be found in the Players list along with an ID. Each entry (result) is awarded a points value from 22 to 1 in accordance with the above documents, these are then summated in the “Overall Performance Ranking”.

Players names in Alphabetical order (Player ID Numbers).

We have included a list in alphabetical order to help you search the database. Players can be found by name and surname but it will bring all people with same name. You can also search by player ID number.