Three inducted into the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame in 2024

Lol Ellis and Verity Crawley are to be inducted into the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame, The Men’s and Women’s awards are kindly sponsored by Storm Products Inc., through their UK distributors, Bowltech UK.

Graham Waller will be inducted in the Distinguished Service division. Sponsored by Go Tenpin.

Nominations were made by each of the ten members of the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame committee and a list was drawn up. The Committee then had access to the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame Database to research details on each player and a ballot was held to find the final Male, Female and distinguished name to be inducted in 2024.

The inductees selected were chosen for their achievements in World, European and Domestic tournaments since the start of UK bowling in 1961 and for additional honours like Bowler of the Year awards and induction into the World Bowling Writers Hall of Fame.

As well as the players being celebrated and honored a distinguished service award was again selected. Since the sport arrived on our shores special individuals all over the United Kingdom have dedicated their time to improving the game and working tirelessly to make the sport better for everyone. From Proprietors, National Associations, YBC officials to tournament organizers and media, these people are the backbone of our sport and make it possible for bowlers to reach for the stars.

So here is a brief run down of the 2024 inductees

Verity Crawley

Verity Crawley, the UK’s only professional female bowler already at the time of writing has two PWBA titles and multiple runner up placings in a successful USA career but also a good European career including winning the 2023 European Champions Cup, Gold and Bronze at the 2012 European Youth Championships as well as the 2011 U18 London International title and 2011 NAYBC Nationals Masters champion.

Lol Ellis

An international since the days of the Great Britain team, Lol has been at the top of his game for over 40 years. Peaking in 2023 by becoming a World Senior double Gold medallist in Colombia. Other titles include on the BTBA, PTBC, NST tours as well as multiple Triple Crown medals and BTBA Nationals and Masters titles. Success has come in Europe on the ISBT tour and European Senior Bowling Championships. First win on the UK tenpin hall of fame back in 1979 and a win at the PTBC in North Harrow.

Graham Waller

Starting in tenpin bowling in 1976 to 1994 Graham was a technician/Mechanic at USAF Upper Heyford then including the Pro shop and Centre Manager positions. In 1994 to 2002 Graham was at AMF UK as Customer Service/Modernisation Manager and Consumer Products Manager. From 2002 to 2004 Graham joined Bowling International Ltd as Sales & Marketing Manager then from 2004 to 2006 Brunswick Bowling & Billiards Ltd as a Product Specialist for Europe. Having worked for all the top companies at this point Graham then set up Bowling Vision as Co-founder with UK Hall of Famer David Trend in 2007 and up until 2023. As well as working in the Tenpin Industry, Graham was a great supporter of sport. Always willing to provide sponsorship, prizes and assistance when asked, he has helped so many bowlers for so many years, tournament organisers, the media and the sport in general.