2022 End of Year Rankings

“The last three years have been very difficult for everyone and Tenpin Bowling has slowly recovered during this time. A desire from bowlers to compete again and those organising events saw Tenpin Bowling  back to some normality and we all look forward to a great 2023.

Fantastic results on the PBA tour including winning the Tournament of Champions along with two EBT titles and a win in Asia saw Dom Barrett top the rankings in 2022.

For the ladies the consistency of Angie Brown on the ISBT and Team England trials as well as the All Events winner in the Senior Triple Crown and BTBA singles win saw her as top lady. for 2022.

Dom maintained his dominance for this decade and Verity Crawley due to her performances on the PWBA was top lady.”

Cheers and Happy New Year

2022 Ranking

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