The QubicaAMF UK Grand Slam launches in 2020

With generous Sponsorship from Qubica/AMF of £1,500  the QubicaAMF UK Grandslam will now carry cash prizes for the top two male and female bowlers who rank highest in three or more Home Nation open championships in 2020.

Rankings will be compiled from the English, Scottish, Northern Ireland and Welsh Opens.

The QubicaAMF UK Grand Slam with be administered by the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame based on the following criteria:

To be eligible for a share of the sponsorship you must have played in at least 3 of the Opens.

  1. Points will be awarded at each Open from 20 points to the winner down to 1 point for the 20th place in each event.
  2. Points gained from all events will count.
  3. A minimum of 20 points from all events must be gained to be eligible.
  4. The Sponsorship will be distributed as follows for those meeting the criteria:
    1. Top Male £500
    2. Top Female £500
    3. Second place Male £250
    4. Second place Female £250

We hope this will serve as an additional incentive for bowlers, both from the UK and International, to support and win our home open championships. They carry higher points in the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame for winning and can help a player up the all time rankings.

A few words from our Sponsor and home nation events

QubicaAMF were delighted to be asked if we could support this fantastic new series that spans the whole of the United Kingdom and takes in four amazing bowling tournaments. As a company we have long supported sport bowling and this fits perfectly with our desire to inspire people to participate in sport and leisure bowling”.

Darren Lewis – QubicaAMF UK Business Manager

The UK Grand Slam in conjunction with our sponsors QubicaAMF is a welcome addition to the UK bowling scene. It will encourage and reward competitors to support and participate in home nations’ events during the season, particularly with an incentive bonuses on offer. We look forward to playing our part and welcoming all competitors to the 2020 Northern Ireland Open this May.

Grant Dugan, Northern Ireland Open

It has long been necessary to ‘pool resources’ amongst the home nations opens and this initiative will be a huge step in that direction. The encouragement for players to participate in UK events will help to boost the quality of the events, which in turn will attract more local players. Our thanks go out to QubicaAMF for their continued support to the sport, and specifically the UK events.

Andy James, English Open

Over the last few years there has been a shift within UK bowling to be more supportive and inclusive of each of our associations, members and events. We have seen this markedly in how the home nations have interacted and supported each other whilst representing nationally and internationally and now with the Grand Slam, we have an opportunity to support and cross promote our flagship events. With the help of QubicaAMF the grand Slam will help bring some much needed incentives to the premier events and helping all our bowlers to see our events as part of the UK bowling as a whole. Not as individual stand alone events. Thank you to all involved at these events and within our associations the continued efforts to push our sport as a whole within the UK. We look forward to seeing bowlers from all associations at the Welsh open in May and the Northern Irish Open, Scottish Open and English Open throughout 2020 and beyond.

Pip Wellsteed, Welsh Open

Scottish Tenpin Bowling are excited to be part of the Qubica AMF UK Grand Slam. We see this as an excellent opportunity for athletes, with additional incentives for competing. In addition, we expect to see an increase in home federation support and communication, which will help increase develop sport bowling in the UK. We’d like to thank all involved, especially UK Tenpin Hall of Fame and Qubica AMF for sponsoring the initiative.

Calvin Murray, STB Sports Development Director

What do we know about the history?

It is true to say there have not been many years in our history where a Grand Slam of more than three events has been possible. They overlap and in the case of British Open, changes to English Open. The British Open starts us off in 1983 and we have to wait until 1989 for the first Scottish Open and in 1993 the Welsh Open. The UK Tenpin Hall of Fame are still sourcing winners from the Northern Ireland Open and some Scottish Open and British Open winners but an almost complete list has formed showing who has won and in which years.

England’s Lisa John and Scotland’s Laura Rhoney are the only players currently recorded as winning three of the four Home nation opens in their current form in a career. Lisa having won the English, Scottish and Welsh and Laura the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Opens. Wayne Greenall winning in old form of British Open, Scottish Open and Welsh Open.

Kirsten Penny is the only bowler to have won three home opens in a year when the British Open ran by collecting the British Open, Welsh Open and Scottish Open in 2000.

Players winning two home nation opens in a year include

1993 Pauline Buck British and Welsh
2004 Wayne Greenall Scottish and Welsh
2009 Vicki Burbridge English and Welsh
2011 Laura Rhoney Scottish and Welsh
2012 Hayley White Scottish and Welsh
2013 Hayley White Scottish and Welsh
2019 Paul Moor English and Welsh

Wayne Greenall has won the most home opens, collecting The British Open plus six Scottish Opens and four Welsh opens for a fantastic total of 11. Paul Moor has seven titles (1 British, 2 English and 4 Welsh). Hayley Russell and Laura Rhoney have won the most female titles with six titles at current format and Kirsten Penny has won six titles including the British Open.

Technically speaking, No player has won the four current UK Home Opens in a career and this honor is there to be gained as is the much harder task of winning all FOUR Opens in a single year for a SUPER Grand Slam.

Winners of Home Opens

1983Mats Karlsson   1983Judy Howlett   
1984Kevin Pollard   1984Shelagh Leonard   
1985Dave Taylor   1985Judy Howlett   
1986Gunnar Samuelsson   1986Tina Darvill   
1987Philip Dunne   1987Jill Owen   
1988Teemu RaatkainenBruce Pearce  1988Gina Wardle   
1989Larry ShultzChris Buck  1989Hannele UotilaJill Sutton  
1990Adam ApoAndy McCraken  1990Christina Dahlgren   
1991Marcel van den BoschGeoff Buck  1991Marianne Haultala   
1992Teemu Raatkainen   1992Pauline Buck   
1993Ron MohrRichard Hood Cliff Dew1993Pauline BuckLynne Terrel Pauline Buck
1994Chris van DammeRichard HoodKenny DonnellyKevin Hills1994Gina WardleJudy Howlett Pauline Buck
1995Mats KarlssonPaul BoyleKenny DonnellyLol Ellis1995Jody EllisSusan Campbell Jan Steiner
1996Goran CarlssonRicky Froldi Paul Delany1996Susanne OlssonAshley Craven Jan Hannan
1997Thomas LeanderssonWayne Greenall Wayne Greenall1997Linda NorryGemma Burden  
1998Mike Mullin  Ron Oldfield1998Paulina Aalto  Gemma Burden
1999Wayne GreenallRichard Hood Wayne Greenall1999 Kirsten Penny Mel Isaac
2000Gery Verbruggen  Wayne Greenall2000Kirsten PennyKirsten Penny Kirsten Penny
2001Phil Scammell  Peter Lenders2001   Gemma Burden
2002Paul Moor  Steve Thornton2002   Gemma Burden
2003Nick FroggattWayne Greenall Dave Parker2003Lotte Houbo PedersenLisa John Kirsten Penny
2004Tim MackWayne Greenall Wayne Greenall2004Jo HarriesLaura Rhoney Pauline Buck
2005 Graham TurnerStephen O’ConnerNick Froggatt2005 Katie JowseyAnita WattsPauline Buck
2006Paul MoorWayne GreenallPaul StottPaul Evans2006 Katie JowseyLaura RhoneyVicki Burbridge
2007Stu WilliamsPaul StottAlan GibbonsDom Barrett2007Alan GibbonsKatie JowseyKerena DykesFiona Banks
2008Kirsten PennyNick Froggatt Chris Oates2008Kirsten PennyDebbie Watson Jemma Smith
2009Vikki BurbridgePaul Stott Paul Moor2009Vikki BurbridgeNicki Ainge Vicki Burbridge
2010Jo CundyRicki Froldi Matt Chamberlain2010Jo CundyLaura Rhoney Laura Rhoney
2011Steve ThorntonWayne Greenall Matt Chamberlain2011 Laura Rhoney Laura Rhoney
2012Lisa JohnWayne Greenall Paul Moor2012Lisa JohnHayley White Hayley White
2013John WellsSteven Gill Dom Barrett2013Danni Hopcroft*Hayley White Hayley White
2014Paul MoorCurtis Hooper Steve Thornton2014Danni Hopcroft*Hayley Russell Hayley Rumkee
2015Ray TeeceAlan Keddie Darren Cundy2015Lisa John*Laura Murphy Lisa John
2016Steve ThorntonKenny Jamieson Paul Moor2016Jo Allsebrook*Ashleigh Gill Danni Hopcroft
2017Steve ThorntonSteven Gill Mark Patrick2017 Tania Yusaf Jo Allsebrook
2018Adam MichaelsRob Thurlby Peter Stevenson2018Samantha Hannan*   
2019Paul MoorSteven GillBilly NimickPaul Moor2019Franchesca Plewis* Debbie Longstaff 

*In events that male and female played together the highest placed male or female has been listed with the combined winner of that year.

Important dates – When and where can you enter?

Welsh Open – 7th-10th May 2020 @ Stroud Bowl

In association with the TBAW

Website here – Download entry form here

Northern Ireland Open – 16th-24th May 2020 @ Dundonald International Ice Bowl

Proudly sponsored by QubicaAMF and supported by Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council

Website Here – Online entry Here

English Open – 25 to 27th September @ Stroud Bowl

Website Here – Entry form soon

Scottish Open – 9th-11th October 2020 @L.A Bowl, Ayr

In association with Scottish Tenpin Bowling

Website here – Entry Form Soon

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