Who were the best Male and Female bowlers in the 1990’s

We continue the issuing of decade ranking lists for bowlers from the different eras with the 1990’s . The rankings from the different eras reflects the development of the Sport in the UK with much greater opportunity given to bowlers from the later eras compared to the earlier ones.

1990 to 1999 UK Rankings

The 90’s era of of Tenpin Bowling in the UK saw continued growth in centres throughout the decade as the Northern Scratch Tour ended and Premier Tenpin Bowling Club continuing. The British Open was still going strong and Team England was finally selected from rankings and not a single person or committee.

The English International players had more success on the lanes in the  90’s than any other decade so far and a bright future was predicted as the youth players broke into the adult teams and began to change the shape of Team England. The biggest wins and most medals came from the women and girls as Pauline Buck and a seventeen year old Gemma Burden (Harding) won the AMF Bowling World Cup.

1990 European Youth Championships Munich, Germany Silver Masters Alison Freeman Bronze Doubles – Jai Buller and Mark Johnson. Bronze  Trios – Jai Buller, Mark Johnson, Alan Toogood

1991 Bowling World Cup Sweden Silver Pauline Buck (England)

1992 World Youth Championships Caracas, Venezuela Gold All Events – Emma Barlow. Bronze  Singles – Emma Barlow

1992 European Youth Championships Brussels, Belgium Gold Trios – Joanne Harries, Sally Warburton, Susan Campbell Silver Team(5) – Joanne Harries, Gemma Burden, Mel Isaac, Sally Warburton, Susan Campbell, Fiona Hutchinson

1993 Bowling World Cup South Africa Champion Pauline Buck (England) 1993 European Championships Malmo, Sweden – Gold Doubles Tina Darvill and Pauline Smith(Buck). Gold Team(5) Judy Howlett, Shelagh Leonard, Tina Darvill Kim Coote(Oakley), Pauline Smith(Buck), Emma Barlow. Silver All Events Pauline Smith(Buck). Silver Singles Paul Delany 1993 European Champions Cup Pauline Buck Gold

1994 European Cup, Holland Bronze – Carol Callow, Pauline Buck, Shelagh Leonard, Kimberley Oakley, Gina Wardle, Judy Howlett European Champions Cup Pauline Buck Silver 1994 European Youth Championships Helsinki, Finland Silver Doubles – Paul Carter and Paul Delany. Silver Team(5) Harry Langham, Mark Hutton, Michael Hearn, Paul Carter, Paul Delany, David Tovey. Bronze  Masters – Paul Delany Gold Doubles – Joanne Harries and Gemma Burden Gold Team(5) – Joanne Harries, Nicki Harvey, Claire Warburton, Mel Isaac, Gemma Burden, Zoe Mansfield Silver Masters – Nicki Harvey Bronze Doubles Claire Warburton and Mel Isaac Bronze Trios – Claire Warburton, Nicola Harvey, Zoe Mansfield

1995 Bowling World Cup Brazil Winner Gemma Harding (England) 1995 European Champions Cup Pauline Buck Bronze

1996 World Youth Championships Hong Kong Silver Doubles – Paul Evans and Paul Delany 1996 European Champions Cup Wayne Greenall Gold 1996 European Youth Championships London, England. Gold Doubles – Chris Johnson and Andrew Giles. Gold Team(5) – Chris Johnson, James Shaffer, Jon Zadel, Craig Warden, Andrew Giles, David Cooper Gold Masters – Gemma Burden Gold Trios – Lisa Ayes, Emily Johnson, Gemma Burden Silver Team(5) – Lisa Ayes, Ann Smith, Rebecca Churcher, Emily Johnson, Gemma Burden, Lois Bonfield Bronze Doubles – Emily Johnson and Gemma Burden

1997 Championships, Nottingham, England – Silver Trios Gemma Burden, Jo Harris(Cundy), Pauline Buck Bronze All Events Jo Harris(Cundy). Bronze Masters Jo Harris(Cundy). Bronze Team(5) Jo Harris(Cundy), Nikki Harvey, Pauline Buck, Kim Oakley, Kirsten Penny, Gemma Burden. Bronze Doubles Steve Thornton and Wayne Greenall 1997 European Champions Cup Richard Hood Bronze

1998  Commonwealth Championships, Malaysia – Bronze Doubles (Pauline Buck, Gemma Burden), Silver Mixed Doubles (Pauline Buck, Richard Hood) 1998 European Youth Championships Vienna, Austria Bronze Doubles – Jon Zadel and Andy Wicks

1998 European Cup Sweden Bronze – Pauline Buck, Rebecca Churcher, Jo harries (Cundy), Nikki Harvey, Lisa John, Kirsten Penny 1998 European Youth Championships Vienna, Austria Silver Masters – Rebecca Churcher Silver Team(5) – Ann Smith, Rachel Aldersley, Rebecca Churcher, Zara Glover, Lisa John, Emma Peden Bronze Doubles – Ann Smith and Lisa John

1997 World Games, Finland Gold Singles Pauline Smith (Buck)

1999 World Championships Abu Dhabi, UAE Bronze  Masters Kirsten Penny 1999 European Champions Cup Richard Hood Silver


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