Tours – NST, SBC, PTBC and ESBT

Northern Scratch Tour 1980 to 1988.

The NST started in 1980 with its inaugural event at Merrion Centre Leeds won by Nev Robinson. The NST was the first to introduce a computerised scoring and results service to tournaments in the UK. A ladies section was introduced in 1981 at Sheffield Firth Park where Judy Howlett became the first female winner. In addition a local Boy and Girl junior were invited to participate at each stop.

The Northern Scratch Tour became the National Scratch Tour in 1988 due to the strong support of many midland and southern bowlers. In conjunction with the PTBC the NST was the first to introduce a rankings system for top bowlers in the UK. The NST was instrumental in starting the Irish Open when the NST visited Dublin to help run the Stillorgan open in 1988 . This went on to become the Irish Open the following year and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018.

The NST ran for 12 years before holding its final event at the Airport bowl in 1993 won by Kevin Hills and Gina Wardle. All in all hundreds of bowlers played in its events all around the UK and 55 men and 31 women hold NST titles.

Top 15 winners of NST events

Men Wins Women Wins
Phil Scammell 9 Judy Howlett 14
Geoff Buck 8 Gina Wardle 12
Ron Oldfield 5 Pauline Buck 8
Jack Smith 4 Tracey Dew 5
Nev Robinson 4 Sue Megson 4
Tom Marshall 3 Ali Teasdale 4
Jeff Taylor 3 Kimberley Oakley 4
Norman Higgingbottom 2 Tina Darvill 4
Dave Taylor 2 Pat Moor 3
Ron Deacon 2 Cathy Hill (USA) 2
Mick Lister 2 Meg Shaw 2
Lol Ellis 2 Gill Wandless 2
Simon Brown 2 Chris Parker 2
Chris Buck 2 Jane Turvey 2
Kevin Hills 2 Ellen Wood 1

Seven other males have 2 wins (Bruce Hines, Norman Graham Botting, Tony Holmes, Loke Colman, Jez Darvill and Kevin Sands).

1 win – 35 other men and 16 other women have won one title each.

The following is a list tournament winners as we know it, there are a few gaps and maybe the odd mistake if anyone has any further information we would be pleased to hear from you.


Leeds (inaugural)  Nev Robinson

Sheffield Norman Higginbottom

Newcastle Dave Taylor

Acocks Green Stu Bradley


Leeds Bruce Hines

Sunderland  Norman Higginbottom

Sheffield Brian Ashman and Judy Howlett

Sunderland Rob Whittingham andJudy Howlett

Leeds Frank Clark and Ellen Wood


Acocks Green Geoff Buck and Gill Bevan

Hull Ron Deacon and Heather Turner

Sunderland Paul Bennett and Gina Wardle

Nottingham Ron Oldfield and Judy Howlett

Sheffield Jerome James and Sue Megson

Acocks green Mario Joseph and Gina Wardle

Leeds Brian Purdie and Linda Woodham


Nottingham Bob Goulty and Meg Jordache (Shaw)

Alconbury Bruce Hines and Gina Wardle

Manchester John Coote and Cathy Hill (USA)

Ilkeston Greg Turvey and Gill Wandless

Alconbury Paul Creighton and Meg Jordache (Shaw)

Leeds Mick Lister and Lynne Giles

Nottingham Norman Wilson and Judy Howlett


Sheffield Lol Ellis and Gina Wardle

Acocks Green Dave Taylor and Chris Parker

Sunderland Loke Coleman and Cathy Hill (USA)

Belle Vue Manchester Loke Coleman and Goldie Castle

Ilkeston Phil Scammell and Gill Wandless

Coventry Rob Davey and Tina Darvill

Acocks Green Tom Marshall and Jill Owen

Hull Bob Day and Judy Howlett

Leeds Dave Potter and Cathy Hill (USA)


Sheffield Nigel Ogbonson and Gina Wardle

Nottingham Ron Oldfield and Tina Darvill

Sunderland Tom Marshall and Judy Howlett

Stevenage  Tom Marshall and Tina Darvill

Leeds (TofC) Nev Robinson and Sue Megson

Alconbury Mick Lister and Gina Wardle

Sunderland (Matchplay) Mick Ince and Gina Wardle

Leeds Jez Darvill and Anita Burland-Beech


Sheffield Kevin Lamb and Gina Wardle

Nottingham Geoff Buck and Sue Megson

Acocks Green

Wolverhampton Jeff Taylor

Ilkeston Jeff Taylor

Leeds (Masters) Phil Scammell and Sue Megson


Sheffield Jeff Taylor

Wolverhampton Graham Botting and Lesley Potter

Ilkeston Lol Ellis and Pat Moor

Nottingham Nev Robinson and Jan Hodge

Alconbury Tony Holmes and Ali Teasdale

Nottingham Brian Parkes and Judy Howlett

Leeds Chris Buck and Jane Boneham


Wolverhampton Geoff Buck and Ali Teasdale

Belle Vue Tony Holmes and ???

Peterborough (Masters) Phil Scammell and Ali Teasdale

National Scratch Tour 1988-1993


Alconbury Ian Chapman and Judy Howlett

Wolvehampton Richard Hood and Pauline Buck

Airport Jack Smith and Jane Turvey


Fleetwood  Kevin Sands and Sonia Hudson

Hull Jack Smith and Pat Moor

Stevenage Phil Scammell and Judy Howlett

Leeds  Kevin Sands and Judy Howlett

Alconbury Jack Smith and Kimberley Oakley

Hull Graham Robson and Liz Scarre

Chesterfield Jack Smith and Judy Howlett

Bentwaters George Patel and Judy Howlett


Nottingham Phil Scammell and Kimberley Oakley

Crawley Leslie Miranda and Pauline Smith (Buck)

Wolverhampton Geoff Buck and Tracey Dew

Airport  Nev Robinson and Tracey Dew

Tolwortth (Masters) Phil Scammell and Carol Callow

Leeds Phil Stein and Kimberley Oakley

Lakenheath Geoff Buck and Gina Wardle

Tolworth Phil Patrick and Tracey Dew

Blackpool Geoff Buck and Pauline Smith (Buck)


Enfield Phil Scammell and ???

Blackpool (Match game) Ron Deacon

Chicksands (Masters) Kevin Hills and Ruth Molineaux

Wolverhampton Scott Fuller (USA) and Pauline Smith (Buck)

Lakenheath Graham Botting and Tracey Dew

Fareham Steve Chinn and Tracey Dew

Milton Keynes Rob Mudge


Wolverhampton Cliff Dew and Pauline Smith (Buck)

Leamington Spa Paul Boyle and Pauline Buck

Sheffield Geoff Buck and Pauline Buck

Stirchley Phil Scammell and Ali Teasdale

Derby Phil Scammell and Alison Freeman

Enfield Jez Darvill and Gina Wardle

Airport Chuck Carroll and Kim Oakley

Nottingham Simon Brown and Toni Otto


Derby Simon Brown and Tina Darvill

Blackpool Cass Edwards and Chris Parker

Nottingham Ron Oldfield and Judy Howlett

Wolverhampton Chris Buck and Kirsten Penny

Leamington Spa Ron Oldfield and Judy Howlett

Leeds Geoff Buck and Gina Wardle

Enfield Paul Delany and Pauline Buck

Airport Kevin Hills and Gina Wardle

Scratch Bowlers Club (SBC)

Scratch Bowlers Club 1975 to present (some information missing)

The Scratch Bowlers Club held an inaugural event in 1975 won by Chris Buck.

The SBC was the first organised tour for scratch bowlers in the UK.

THE SBC became the Premier Tenpin Bowling Club in 1981.


Airport  (trial event) Chris Buck


Sheffield Peter Babot


Portsmouth  Sam Pugh

Lewisham Roger Creamer


Streatham  Colin Presland

Harrow  Brian Michael

Tolworth  Bernie Caterer

Hemel Hemstead   Jez Darvill


Harrow Colin Presland

Lewisham Brian Michael

Tolworth  Nev Robinson

Streatam (Masters) Bernie Caterer

Streatham Mick Booth

Portsmouth Trevor Birch

Harrow Lol Ellis

Airport (Invitational)  Ralston Reid


Dagenham Roy Bowers

Stevenage  Alan Fawcett

Tolworth  Tubby Woo

Acocks Green  Geoff Buck

Harrow (Masters)  Roy Bowers

Streatham  Alan Fawcett

Worthing  Neil Lever

Harrow  Sam Pugh


Stevenage  Bernie Caterer

Aylesbury Norman Wilson

Tolworth  Ian Nicolle

Streatham (Masters)  Geoff Buck

Streatham Ian Nicolle

Premier Tenpin Bowling Club

In conjunction with the NST the PTBC was the first to introduce a rankings system for top bowlers in the UK.

The PTBC took over the running of the English Open in 2006.

The PTBC took over the running of the World Cup qualifier in ???

Under the auspices of the PTBC the English Sport Bowling Tour was formed in 2017.

The PTBC is the longest running bowling tour for scratch bowlers in the UK.

Top 15 winners of PTBC events

Men Wins Women Wins
Steve Thornton 19 Pauline Buck 18
Phil Scammell 12 Kirsten Penny 15
Geoff Buck 11 Jo Cundy (Harries) 11
Wayne Greenall 11 Lisa John 8
Chris Buck 8 Nikki Harvey 8
Nev Robinson 6 Lisa Gardener 5
Richard Hood 6 Gina Wardle 5
Paul Moor 6 Kimberley Oakley 5
Ray Teece 6 Jan Hodge 5
Alan Fawcett 5 Judy Howlett 4
Dom Barrett 4 Ruth Molineaux 3
Kevin Hills 4 Lesley Fisher 3
Bernie Caterer 4 Tracey Dew 3
Matt Chamberlain 4 Donna Adams 3
Simon Brown 4 Zara Giles (Glover) 3

Two other males have 4 wins (Darren Cundy and Ian Nicolle).

3 wins – Trevor Birch, Ricki Froldi, Nick Froggatt, Guy Lispscomb, Lol Ellis, Ron Oldfield, Adam Michaels and Mike Quarry

2 wins – Sam Pugh, Colin Pressland, Brian Michael, Jez Darvill, Roy Bowers, Norman Wilson, Keith Pragnell, Del Delany, Chris snashall, Keith Hodge, Daniel Stride, Stu Williams, James Tidd and Richard Teece.

Brenda Gill, Shelagh Leonard, Lynn Giles, Tina Darvill, Gemma Burden (Harding), Danni Hopcroft, Katie Jowsey, Jenny Billingham, Jo Allsebrook, Hayley White (Russell)

1 win – 54 other men and 28 other women have won one title each.

The following is a list tournament winners as we know it, there are a few gaps and maybe the odd mistake if anyone has any further information we would be pleased to hear from you.


Hemel Hemstead  Nev Robinson

Portsmouth Ron Oldfield

Harrow Alan Fawcett


Crawley Nev Robinson

Wokingham Bernie Caterer

Tolworth Trevor Birch

Tolworth (Masters)  Richard Hood

Streatham Alan Fawcett

Stevenage Keith Pragnell

Harrow Keith Pragnell


Crawley Dave Potter

Wolverhampton Richard Hood and Jan Hodge

Tolworth  Ian Nicolle and Lyn Overton

Crawley (Masters) Alan Fawcett

Streatham Paul Gibbons and Linda Block

Worthing Phil Scammell and Gina Wardle

Harrow Ian Nicolle and Gill Bevan


Tolworth  Jez Darvill and Rosemary Wood

Dagenham Geoff Buck and Brenda Gill


Crawley  Liv Martinkovic and Tracey Dew

Hemel Hemstead  Chris Buck and Lesley Potter

Bentwaters  Dave Williams and Agneta Wahlby

Tolworth  Dave Steiner and Lesley Potter

Worthing Guy Lipscomb and Lynne Giles


Wolverhampton Dennis McDonough (USA) and Lesley Potter

Crawley  Phil Scammell and Lesley Potter

Airport Lesley Fisher

Tolworth (Masters?) Del Delany

Bentwaters  Simon Brown and Brenda Gill

Acocks Green Del Delany and Lesley Fisher

Worthing Phil Scammell and Gina Wardle


Wolverhampton Simon Brown and Angie Brown

Crawley Phil Scammell and Lyn Giles

Upper Hayford  Chuck Dudley (USA) and Joan Nutt

Nottingham  Nev Robinson and Tracey Dew

Worthing Simon Brownand Jan Hodge


Ilkeston Neil LeManquais and Judy Howlett

Peterborough Geoff Buck and Jan Hodge

Tolworth Phil Scammell and Ali Teasdale

Wolverhampton Phil Scammell and Pauline Buck

Stevanage  Geoff Buck and Pauline Buck

Worthing Guy Lipscomb and Lesley Fisher


Nottingham Phil Stein and Ruth Molineaux

Crawley Guy Lipscomb and Pauline Buck

Tolworth and Pauline Buck

Wolverhampton Chris Buck and Pauline Buck

Coventry Dave Bristow and Judy Howlett

Crawley (Masters) Ian Shahid and Tracey Neal


Leicester  Norman Wilson and Judy Howlett

Airport Chris Buck

Bitterne Phil Scammell and Pauline Buck

Tolworth Roger Peartree and Pauline Buck

Airport John Madeira and Gina Wardle

Nottingham Phil Stein and Pauline Buck


Tolworth Geoff Buck and Carol Callow

Basingstoke Nev Robinson and Jan Hodge

Airport Kevin Hills

Crawley Trevor Birch and Pauline Smith (Buck)

Derby    ? Phil Scammell and Stella Ayling

Derby ? Geoff Buck and Pauline Smith (Buck)


Milton Keynes  Rob Mudge and Lesley Martinkovic

Fareham Steve Chin and Tracey Dew

Worthing  Geoff Buck and Gina Wardle

Tolworth Kevin Hills and Shelagh Leonnard

Airport  Keith Tucker and Kim Oakley

Loughborough (Masters) Geoff Buck and Gina Wardle

Loughborough Nev Robinson and Shelagh Leonnard

Tottenham Geoff Buck and Jo Harries (Cundy)


Swindon  Richard Hood and Pauline Bentley

Tolworth  Phil Scammell and Judy Howlett

Tottenham  Geoff Buck and Shelagh Leonard

Dunstable Kevin Hills and Pauline Buck

Tottenham Steve Bruce and Kirsten Penny

Tolworth Chris Buck and Pauline Buck


Tolworh  Chris Buck and Pauline Smith (Buck)

Bushbury?PTBC  Andy Penny and Tina Darvill

Milton Keynes Jamie O’Dwyer and Ruth Molineaux

Airport Kevin Hills  and Tina Darvill

Enfield Ron Oldfield and Ruth Molineaux

Dunstable Paul Delaney and Pauline Buck


Milton Keynes Chris Buck and Nikki Harvey

Newbury Wayne Greenall and Pauline Buck

Tolworth Wayne Greenall and Ruth Molineaux

Swindon Phil Scammell and Ann Ansell

Airport Keith Hodge and Pauline Buck

Dunstable Chris Buck and Emma Johnson

Enfield Paul Delaney and Kimberley Oakley


Milton Keynes  Richard Hood and Pauline Buck

Airport Phil Scammell and Gemma Burden

Newbury  Steve Thornton and Nikki Harvey

Dunstable Paul Evans Jnr and Jo Harries (Cundy)

Bracknell Paul Boyle and Gemma Burden

Nottingham GX  Ron Oldfield and Pauline Buck


Milton Keynes Richard Hood

Chelmsford Wayne Greenall and Kimberley Oakley

Airport Richard Hood and Nikki Harvey

Dunstable Lol Ellis and Kirsten Penny

Fareham Lol Ellis and Jo Harries (Cundy)


Chelmsford Ricky Froldi and Kirsten Penny

Newbury  Keith Hodge and Kirsten Penny

Dunstable Chris Snashall and Lisa John

Airport Phil Scammell and Jo Harries (Cundy)


Fareham  Mick Wells and Kirsten Penny

Enfield Wayne Greenall and Kirsten penny

Newbury Steve Thornton and Kimberly Oakley

Airport Wayne Greenall and Lisa John


Crawley Steve Thronton Kimberley Oakley

Enfield Steve Thornton and Lisa John

Tolworth Eliminator 2s Lisa John and Kirsten Penny

Newbury Ricky Froldi and Kirsten Penny

Dunstable Wayne Greenall and Jo Harries (Cundy)

Airport  Donna Adams


Airport Nick Froggatt and Donna Adams

Crawley Chris Snashall

Enfield Chris Snashall and Jo Harries (CundY)

Newbury Darren Cundy and Jo Harries (Cundy)

Dunstable Steve Thronton and Jo Harries (Cundy)

Airport Ricky Froldi and Lisa Gardner


Crawley Wayne Greenall and Kirsten Penny

Swindon Nick Froggatt and Zara Glover

Newbury Steve Thornton and Kirsten Penny

Croydon Steve Thornton and Jo Harries

Airport Daniel Stride and Donna Adams

Bournemouth Daniel Stride and Nikki Harvey


Swindon Paul Carter and Lisa Gardner

Croydon Wayne Greenall and Nikki Harvey

Dunstable Stephen Letchford and Lisa Gardner

Newbury Wayne Greenall and Lisa Gardner

Airport Wayne Greenall and Lisa Gardner


Tolworth Paul Moor and Zara Glover

Croydon Andy Shedd and Holly Towersey

Dunstable Steve Thornton and Jo Harries (Cundy)

Newbury Mark Wells and Katie Jowsey

Airport Damien Gray and Lisa Gardner


Newbury Wayne Greenall and Kirsten Penny

Croydon Matthew Thompson and Ashley Trew



Tolworth Darren Cundy and Katie Jowsey

Airport Thomas Cheung


Dunstable Richie Beck and Nikki Harvey

Bromborough  Nick Froggatt

Bromborough Stu Williams

Croydon Steve Thornton and Nikki Harvey

Toiworth Eliminator Steve Thornton

Airport Richard Beck and Nikki Harvey

Nuneaton English Open(1st) Paul Moor


Madison Heights 2’s Dom Barrett and Steve Thornton

Bromborough Stu Williams

Burton Dom Barrett and Jemma Smith

Ilkeston Masters Darren Cundy

Airport Eliminator Steve Thornton

Tolworth (Micky Ross) Cliff Dew


Airport Mike Quarry and Kirsten Penny

Nuneaton Senior Doubles Stew Meadus  and  Kenny Birch

Bushbury Paul Moor

Maddison Heights Doubles Jon Zadel  and Matt Chamberlain

Nuneaton English Open Kirsten Penny


Crewe World Cup Qual Darren Cundy and Zara Glover

Madison Heights Doubles Mike Quarry and Rob Thurlby

Sheffield Credit Crunch Richard Teece and Lisa John

Tolworth (Micky Ross) James Tidd

Nuneaton English Open Vikki Burbridge


Madison Heights Doubles Chris Smith  and Johnathan Sturt

Nuneaton English Open Lisa John

Sheffield (Credit Crunch 2s) Matt Chamberlain and Hayley Rumkee

Tolworth Dom Barrett and Lisa John

Nuneaton English Open Jo Cundy


Madison Heights (Matchplay 2s)  Dom Barrett and Paul Moor

Sheffield (Credit Crunch) Paul Moor and Jenny Billingham

Tolworth Ray Teece  Nikki Ainge

Airport Ray Teece  Jenny Billingham

English Open Steve Thornton


Banbury WCQ  Matt Chamberlain  Kirsten Penny

Airport Steve Thornton  Kirsten Penny

Lakeside English Open Lisa John

Tolworth (Matchplay 2s) Ray Teece and Richard Teece

Peterborough (Credit Crunch 2s) James Tidd and Jo Allsebrook

Tolworth Ray Teece and Hayley White


Worthing  John Wells

Peterborough WCQ Paul Moor Autumn Chamberlain


Tolworth English Open

Sheffield (Matchplay 2s) Mike Quarry and Matt Miller

Airport (Mixed 2s) Jamie Bottomley and Laura Marcham


Worthing Lisa John

Peterborough WCQ Steve Thornton and Danni Hopcroft

Chesterfield  Rob Harding

Tolworth English Open Paul Moor

Chesterfield Match Play Nicki Ainge

Tolworth (Matchplay 2s) Steve Thornton and Matt Chamberlain


Poole World Cup Qual Sam Rose and Keira Raey

Stroud English Open Ray Teece


Martlesham Heath Ray Teece

Lincoln World Cup Qual  Peter Stevenson and Danni Hopcroft

Stroud English Open  Steve Thornton

English Sport Bowling Tour


Stroud Hadley Morgan
Poole Steve Thornton
Farnborough Adam Michaels
Mansfield Jack Sanders
Chesterfield Jo Allsebrook
Stroud English Open Steve Thornton
Shipley Leon Devlin
Stroud (Masters) Adam Michaels


Stroud Adam Michaels
Shipley Vicki Harman
Farnborough Steve Thornton
Branksome Poole Brandon Roberts
Chesterfield Adam Cairns
English Open Adam Michaels
Acocks Green Paul Moor
Tour Masters Brandon Roberts


Stroud Rhian Dobinson
Shipley Leon Devlin
Branksome Poole Katie Finnigan
Chesterfield Hadley Morgan
Acocks Green Brandon Roberts
Mansfield Matty Clayton
English Open Matt Chamberlain
Tour Masters Matty Clayton


Stroud Hadley Morgan
Shipley Steve Thornton
Stroud Hadley Morgan
Mansfield Richard Teece
Acocks Green Gavin Greaves
Chesterfield Pete Stevenson
English Open Ben Robinson
Tour Masters Stroud Paul Moor


Stroud Hadley Morgan
Acocks Green
English Open
Tour Masters