European Championships, European Team Cup, European Champions Cup

1965 was the year Britain won their first European medals as Tony Blanchett and Terry Sullivan took doubles Gold then Rhodda Brewer, Gillian Hunt, Sue Bland, Muz Budge, Pip Care won the ladies Team Gold. To cap off a great championships Tony Blanchet claimed a Masters Silver medal.

Fast forward to 2020 and we find Great Britain and England have won a total of

61 Medals, 21 Gold, 18 Silver ,22 bronze

European Championship Medals – Men

1965 Birmingham, England – Gold Doubles Tony Blanchett and Terry Sullivan Silver Masters Tony Blanchett

1969 Copenhagen, Denmark – Gold Team(5) Brian Michaels, Tony Samuels, Bernie Caterer, Terry Sullivan, Dave Pond. Bronze Team(8) Bobby Mansfield, Clive Thomas, Bernie Caterer, Dave Pond, Terry Sullivan, Brian Michaels, Brian Wilkes, Tony Samuels

1973 Dublin, Ireland – Silver Team(5) Paul Scottow, Les Sher, Bernie Caterer, Ralston Reid, Tommy Marshall
Bronze Team(8) Bernie Caterer, Paul Scottow, Dave Staples, Tommy Marshall, Ralston Reid, Eric Butcher, Garry Bugden, Peter Stoye

1977 Helsinki, Finland – Bronze Team(8) Ralston Reid, Del Delany, Alan Fawcett, Tommy Marshall, Roger Creamer, Phil Jones, Geoff Buck, Gerry Bugden

1993 Malmo, Sweden – Silver Singles Paul Delany

1997 Nottingham, England – Bronze Doubles Steve Thornton and Wayne Greenall

2001 Aalborg, Denmark – Gold Team(5) Steve Thornton, Nick Frogett, Jon Zadel, Chris Snashell, Scott Allison, Ron Oldfield

2007 Vienna, Austria Bronze All Events Darren Cundy. Bronze Masters Mike Quarry. Silver Trios Dom Barrett, Darren Cundy, Mike Quarry

2009 Aalborg, Denmark Gold Masters Dom Barrett. Silver All Events Dom Barrett. Bronze Doubles Dom Barrett and Stuart Williams. Bronze Trios Stuart Williams, Dom Barrett, Matt Chamberlain. Bronze Team(5) Stuart Williams, Dom Barrett, Matt Chamberlain, John Wells, Matt Miller, Mike Quarry

2012 Vienna, Austria – Silver Team(5) Mike Quarry, Ray Teece, Matt Miller, Stuart Williams, John Wells, Matt Chamberlain. Bronze Doubles Matt Miller and Ray Teece. Bronze Trios Mike Quarry, Ray Teece, Matt Miller

2015 Aalborg, Denmark – Silver Team(5) Adam Cairns, Paul Moor, John Wells, Chris Oates, Leon Devlin, Darren Cundy. Bronze Singles Adam Cairns

2016 Brussels, Belgium – Silver Singles John Wells

2019 Germany – Gold Singles Matty Clayton

24 Medals, 4 Gold, 9 Silver, 11 Bronze
European Championship Medals – Women

1965 Birmingham, England – Gold Team(5) Rhodda Brewer, Gillian Hunt, Sue Bland, Muz Budge, Pip Care

1969 Copenhagen, Denmark – Gold Team(5) Dolly Mills, Joan Primmer, Margaret Shaw, Audrey Tew, Pauline Thompson. Gold Doubles Margaret Shaw and Audrey Tew

1973 Dublin, Ireland – Gold Team(5) Carole Cuthbert, Ena Prattley(Robinson), Janet Morrison, Margaret Shaw, Hilda Clifford

1977 Helsinki, Finland – Silver Masters Pauline Bowry (Buck)

1985 Vienna, Austria Gold All events Meg Shaw. Silver Singles Meg Shaw
Silver Team(5) Judy Robins(Howlett), Gina Wardle, Shelagh Leonnard, Sue Megson, Meg Shaw, Gill Wandless. Bronze Doubles Judy Robins(Howlett) and Sue Megson

1993 Malmo, Sweden Gold Doubles Tina Darvill and Pauline Smith(Buck). Gold Team(5) Judy Howlett, Shelagh Leonnard, Tina Darvill Kim Coote(Oakley), Pauline Smith(Buck), Emma Barlow. Silver All Events Pauline Smith(Buck).

1997 Nottingham, England – Silver Trios Gemma Burden, Jo Harris(Cundy), Pauline Buck Bronze All Events Jo Harris(Cundy). Bronze Masters Jo Harris(Cundy). Bronze Team(5) Jo Harris(Cundy), Nikki Harvey, Pauline Buck, Kim Oakley, Kirsten Penny, Gemma Burden

2001 Aalborg, Denmark – Gold Masters Kirsten Penny Gold All Events Kirsten Penny. Gold Doubles Kirsten Penny and Lisa john. Gold Trios Lisa John, Zara Glover, Kirsten Penny. Silver Masters Zara Glover. Bronze All Events Jo Harris(Cundy). Bronze Team(5) Donna Adams, Ann Smith, Lisa John, Zara Glover, Kirsten Penny, Lisa Gardner

2006 Boblington, Germany – Gold All Events Fiona Banks. Gold Trios Jemma Smith, Katie Jowsey, Fiona Banks
Bronze Doubles Katie Jowsey and Fiona Banks

2010 Riga, Latvia – Gold Trios Nicki Ainge, Hayley White, Lisa John. Bronze Masters Hayley White
Bronze Doubles Hayley White and Lisa John. Bronze Team(5) Nicki Ainge, Hayley White, Lisa John, Laura Ivory, Jemma Smith, Faye Elkington.

2012 Tilburg, The Netherlands Gold Team(5) Autumn Chamberlain, Hayley Rumkee, Jenny Billingham, Hayley White, Lisa John, Katrina Maciver. Silver Doubles Autumn Chamberlain and Hayley Rumkee

2014 Berlin, Germany Gold Team(5) Jo Allsebrook, Autumn Chamberlain, Hayley Rumkee, Lisa John, Hayley White, Danni Hopcroft. Silver Masters Lisa John. Bronze Singles Lisa John

2016 Brussels, Belgium Gold Singles Keira Reay. Silver Trios Hayley White, Keira Reay, Lisa John

37 Medals, 17 Gold, 9 Silver, 11 Bronze

Total Men and Women:
61 Medals, 21 Gold, 18 Silver ,22 bronze

List compiled by David Grainger – UK Tenpin Hall of Fame Chairman

European Cup – 5 man team


1970 Holland Silver  – Jon Reeves, Bernie Caterer, Dave Pond, Geoff Liddiard, Colin Presland, Bobby Mansfield

1972 Germany Silver – Eric Butcher, Dave Staples, Bernie Caterer, Geoff Liddiard, Brian Michael, John Dawson

1976 Holland Silver – Geoff Buck, Bernie Caterer, Del Delany, Alan Fawcett, Kevin Lamb, Bobby Mansfield

1978 Germany Gold – Geoff Buck, Tommy Marshall, Gerry Bugden, John Reeve, Doug McNulty, Jez Darvill

1980 Italy Bronze – Geoff Buck, Tommy Marshall, Bernie Caterer, Alan Fawcett, Roy Bowers, Nev Robinson


1976 Holland Silver – Margaret Shaw, Pauline Bowry (Buck), Shelagh Leonard, Lesley potter, Pat Dew, Audrey Pond

1980 Italy Bronze – Meg Shaw, Pauline Smith (Buck), Pat Dew, Goldie Castle, Gill Holt, M Saban

1984 Belgium Silver – Meg Shaw, Judy Howlett, Gina Wardle, Sue Megson, Jane Virot, Shelagh Leonard

1994 Holland Bronze – Carol Callow, Pauline Buck, Shelagh Leonard, Kimberley Oakley, Gina Wardle, Judy Howlett

1998 Sweden Bronze – Pauline Buck, Rebecca Churcher, Jo harries (Cundy), Nikki Harvey, Lisa John, Kirsten Penny

2000 Israel Silver – Rachel Aldersley, Louise Tatylor, Lisa Gardner, Ann Smith, Jan  Greenstock, Lynn Walker

2002 Germany Bronze – Jo Harries (Cundy), Donna Adams, Lisa John, Nikki Harvey, Zara Glover (Giles), Ann Smith

2004 England Gold – Zara Giles, Jo Harries (Cundy), Fiona Banks, Donna Adams, Pauline Buck, Lisa Gardner

European Champions Cup


1982 Shelagh Leonard Gold
1985 Shelagh Leonard Bronze
1988 Shelagh Leonard Bronze
1993 Pauline Smith Gold
1994 Pauline Smith Silver
1995 Pauline Buck Bronze
2001 Lisa John Gold
2002 Mhairi Shaw (Scotland) Silver, Lisa John Bronze
2008 Zara Glover Gold
2009 Kirsten Penny Gold
2010 Kirsten Penny Bronze
2011 Lisa John Bronze
2013 Lisa John Silver
2019 Laura Marcham Bronze


1985 Del Delany Bronze
1996 Wayne Greenall Gold
1997 Richard Hood Bronze
1999 Richard Hood Silver
2001 Nick Froggatt Gold
2002 Nick Froggatt Silver
2006 Dominic Barrett Bronze
2012 Raymond Teece Bronze
2013 Richard Teece Silver
2014 Steve Thornton Bronze
2016 Hadley Morgan Bronze
2019 Adam Cairns Silver