Meg Shaw/Jordache

Year Inducted – 2017

Meg Coombs/Shaw/Jordache won medals of all colours for Great Britain including Gold in the 1973 European Championships in Dublin Ireland. Also winning the first ever British Matchplay and a host of Domestic and European events. She was also awarded the Freedom of South Sheilds.  Posthumous award – Died 2007


Meg Jordache/ Shaw/Coombs (Posthumous)
1973 European Championships, Dublin, Ireland – Fives Gold

1976 European Team Cup, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Fives Silver
1978 London International Matchplay 1st
1980 European Champions Cup, Rome, Italy – Team Bronze
1983 NST Nottingham 1st
1983 NST Alconbury 1st
1984 European Champions Cup, Brussels, Belgium – Team Silver

*Due to incomplete UK records we are unable to add every win.

European fives 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze – Domestic titles