David Trend

Year Inducted 2019

David Trend – Part of the UK’s bowling history since 1978, Over 40 years Dave has been responsible for many industry seminars and trade shows which helped raise the level of knowledge in Pro Shops, and for Technicians in machine and lane maintenance.

AMF Employee from 1978 -2001. Dave originally worked at the Bowl in Hemel Hempstead and drilled house balls for the AMF/Humber chain. Over the 23 years of his tenure Dave introduced many new items to the bowling world. Brunswick Employee from 2001 – 2007 In 2001 Dave joined Brunswick with responsibility for Europe, Middle east & Africa. Bowling Vision 2007 to present Along with Graham Waller, Dave formed Bowling Vision, the Brunswick Distributor for UK & Ireland. Bowling Vision also introduced a line of Pinspotter Parts.