About the new Hall of Fame Database

Previously we have released different versions of the database using pdf files generated from Microsoft Access database, which were then published periodically. We have now moved to an online database which is current at all times and can be queried by anyone to obtain different information.

There are currently four main lists — Overall Rankings, Mens Rankings, Womens Rankings and Results, which can all be navigated by clicking on the heading links/photos.

Overall Rankings

This lists all bowlers on our database in descending order of performance points, highest to lowest.

The database can be queried for individual bowlers by using the search bar (as wells as by Centre or County where the information is available for bowlers).

Filters also exist for Nationality or to see bowlers has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

A detailed report of a bowler’s achievements can be found by clicking anywhere on the bowler’s record. These achievements can be searched by Centre, Competition or Year. A filter also exists for Age Category.

Links have been included to videos and other relevant information.

Mens Rankings and Womens Rankings

Same as above, but these pages are subsets of the overall rankings split by gender.


Which results qualify for inclusion?

We started to record results for all major tournaments, but not every event carries Hall of Fame performance points.

Our fundamental principle is that the event must be scratch. Going back in history, the main events around at the time have been captured, but we know relevant events continually change over time. We start at World and PBA level and work down through European, Commonwealth and National events and those used for rankings or National team selection. Other events of significance are also included, even where no performance points are awarded.

We are not trying to create a full personal record for each bowler — this would be unmanageable — but hopefully a list of significant wins and results.

We generally include just the winner of the event but for the top events, Worlds, PBA, Europeans etc we include 1st, 2nd and 3rd, or indeed Gold, Silver Bronze.

Results are listed in chronological order with most recent first (if the closing date of the event is unknown, it will show in the specific year it was held, and can be searched using the filters).

Filters exist for Year, Nationality, Gender and Age Group.

A text search facility also exists which can be used for Competition, Centre, Position, or Type of Event (eg Singles, Team etc). You may need to experiment a bit to narrow down the results if you need.

A simple search would be PBA, this brings up all PBA results on our database including PWBA and other Organisations who have had PBA events, World Bowling Tour and EBT.

A Results button has been included where available, which links to the event results, or webpage reporting on the event.


We would love your feedback on using the database, but also if you spot any information missing or incorrect, please do let us know. We are happy to answer any questions and receive feedback.

Use the contact page linked from the main menu.